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4L classic humidifier Black BZT-112S

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The humidifier has a black appearance, which is more resistant to dirt and comes with special lighting effects.
Give life a sense of atmosphere and mystery. 4L large capacity ultrasonic air humidifier for home use.

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Easy Filling and Cleaning:  Water can be easily added from the top cover without turning over the water tank, and the cover can be easily removed for cleaning. Please clean the ultrasonic atomizer regularly every month to avoid leakage.
Digital Timing Humidifier:  With a built-in timer, it can be timed according to the atomization market you need. Our BZT-112S can choose 1/4/8 hours for timing.
4L Water Tank & Dry Protection:  The reptile mist/humidifier with a large 4L water tank allows working at maximum mist level (300ml/hour) for 12 hours or more. When the water runs out, the atomizer automatically shuts off to ensure safety.
LED touch screen operation: Easily set the atomization level, working cycle, and interval through the touch screen

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black smart humidifier

Efficient and Convenient: Provides quick and easy relief from dry air in your home or office.
Large Capacity: The excessive fog volume ensures long-lasting use without frequent refilling.
Quiet Operation: The humidifier operates quietly, making it perfect for use in the bedroom or dormitory.
Adjustable Spray: The desktop humidifier features an adjustable spray nozzle, allowing you to customize the mist output to your liking.
Moisturizing: The humidifier adds moisture to the air, helping to alleviate dry skin, chapped lips, and other symptoms caused by dry air.

the humidifier's operation is relatively quiet, making it ideal for use in bedrooms, nurseries, or other quiet environments. The ultrasonic technology used to create the mist produces a low humming sound that is barely audible, even when the humidifier is operating at its highest setting.
Third, the humidifier is easy to maintain and clean. The water tank and filter can be easily removed and washed with soap and water, ensuring that the humidifier operates at maximum efficiency and avoids the buildup of mold and bacteria.
Fourth, the humidifier's smart humidity setting helps maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room, preventing the air from becoming too dry or too humid. This feature is particularly useful for people with respiratory problems, allergies, or sensitive skin.

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