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Campfire design 250ml diffuser BZ-2309

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Our oil diffuser is designed with a warm and inviting flame diffuser, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home or office. With its portable size and easy installation, this essential oil diffuser is a must-have for any room. It’s also a travel humidifier that emits ambient light.

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This essential oil diffuser with essential oils included is a personalized gift for anyone who loves aromatherapy or wants to improve the atmosphere in their bedroom essentials or room essentials. Made of durable ABS and anti-corrosion PP materials, this aromatherapy diffuser is sure to last for years to come.

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Campfire Creative Shape Design
The appearance of the diffuser was designed in the shape of a campfire. It is full of novelty and looks ready to be ignited.
Simulation of Flame Effect
Through the effect of LED lighting, the water mist looks like real flames, very realistic, and can also adjust the size of the fog volume. The whole humidifier is like a campfire that is burning!
Adjustable Lighting
This diffuser can not only adjust the brightness of the bright light can also adjust the effect of the light. Brightness is divided into high brightness, medium brightness, and low brightness. The light effect is divided into constant light, breathing light, and flashing effect.
High-Frequency Ultrasonic Atomization
Built-in ultrasonic atomization device, high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology, can instantly break up the water molecules, with the fragrance of essential oils instantly diffusing the whole room.
Silent Humidification Diffusion
Built-in atomization noise reduction mechanism, When it is working, the decibel generated is only 30-40 decibels, Don't worry that it will affect your sleep, on the contrary, in the environment of its aroma and mist, it can improve your sleep quality.

Timing Function
Campfire flame humidifier has a timer function, you can time 1, 3, or 6 hours according to your needs.
Automatic Power Off Without Water
Built-in intelligent chip, detection of no water will automatically power off, no need to worry about safety issues.
280ml Large Capacity Water Tank
This diffuser has a large capacity of 280ml water tank, which can continue to diffuse for 18 hours.No need to add water frequently.

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