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Best 3 In 1 Camping Fan With Battery

The three-in-one fan offers versatility with options to hang, place on a desktop, or use outdoors. With 8 wind speed settings and various multifunctional features, it provides optimal cooling solutions. The upgraded model boasts a 10,000 mAh battery capacity, making it perfect for wireless outdoor activities like camping. Stay cool and comfortable wherever you go with this advanced fan.

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Why choose the BZ-MF-300B Standing Outdoor Fan?

1. Cordless pedestal fan
It can run for at least 48 hours in a cordless state* after charging fully. (*The wind speed is set on level 1 and no oscillation)

What's more, the cordless design allows you to move it freely anywhere and anytime, enjoying cool air conveniently and efficiently!

Whether you intend to throw a party or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with your kid, this cordless standing fan can be a good choice for your outdoor activities. Of course, you can also plug in with the power cord and use it as a normal wired appliance.

2. Auto oscillation in a wide range:The pedestal fan has 90/120/150° left and right automatic oscillation to cover everyone.

3. DC motor equipped: The cordless fan is equipped with a DC motor so that it can blow a quiet breezy wind feeling like a natural breeze.

4. 8 levels of wind speed & Timing & Nightlight: Meet your needs from soft to strong wind breeze, and 1-8 timer shut-off can cover your whole night sweet dream. Moreover, the fan is equipped with a night light function. The warm-colored nightlight is soft, does not hurt the eyes, and does not affect sleep. It is also suitable for fishing/camping at night.


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With a tripod holder, the height of the oscillating fan can be fully adjusted to 37 inches. The tripod enables the fan to be placed on unstable outdoor ground. When the tripod is removed, it can be transferred to a desk fan. Hanging the fan from a suitable location creates an overhead breeze. You can bring cool wind everywhere you need it. It is convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

Post time: Jun-11-2024