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Can a Warm Air Humidifier Help with a Cough?

Humidifiers have quite a reputation for alleviating a number of nasal passage and respiratory airway concerns emanating from dry air. But even with all these, one question that has been on the lips of many is whether or not can a warm air humidifier help subside the symptoms of cough. And this is what we'll address in this guide.

Can a warm air humidifier reduce cough symptoms?

Well, that’s an undisputed Yes. Your warm air humidifier can help soothe and cure your cough, just as it can for a number of respiratory concerns as well.
However, different experts still hold different opinions as to how this unit can help soothe cold and cough symptoms. As you probably know, dry air and coughing are on different sides of the battle. When you inhale it, two things can happen: it either starts a cough where there is none or worsens one that you already have. But by default, introducing more moisture to your atmosphere will undoubtedly help you bid dry air a warm farewell. And the main culprit isn't there, what happens to the cough? Yes, you guessed tightly, it dies a natural death gradually.
Furthermore, expert pediatricians opine that running your humidifier throughout the night can be beneficial to kids with upper respiratory infections. Some of the symptoms related to this infection include nasal irritation and congestion, sleep apnea, and of course, coughing.
Again, breathing in dry air makes coughing out mucus an arduous task. However, a humidifier can help you increase the moisture content of your respiratory epithelium and pathways, and nasal passage, among others. The Center for disease control and Infection also opines that using a warm air humidifier can help lessen the mucus. Ultimately allowing you to breathe without worries.c

If your cough is related to bronchitis, this humidifier has something for you. Nonetheless, remember that this is not recommended for asthmatics.
Fully leveraging the cough-curing functionality
To make sure you’re using your humidifier the right way, all you have to do is follow these tips. By applying them accordingly, you may as well start biding cough a warm farewell.
The first key consideration is never to use mineralized or tap water within your humidifier. This and other hard water contain minerals and will potentially serve as the perfect breeding spot for mold infestation. Always use distilled water.
Even with distilled water, you should also ensure you’re cleaning your humidifier consistently. You’re doing this so you won't be adding cases of liver inflammation or cancer to the already concerning cough symptoms. You should strive to clean the device at least every 3 days with the intention to change the filter weekly.
Furthermore, always factor the optimum room humidity level into your consideration. Experts recommend 30% to 50% humidity levels. Anything higher than this will only hurt you.
Now, you’ll agree that a warm air humidifier works just perfectly for you, helping you optimize and purify your indoor breath. Looking to take a step further? contact us to get more news.

Post time: May-30-2023