Healthy air. The humidifier distributes steam in the living room. Woman keeps hand over vapor


Do you really know how to use a humidifier?

Myth 1: The higher the humidity, the better
If the indoor temperature is too high, the air will become "dry"; if it is too "humid", it will easily produce mold and endanger health. The humidity of 40% to 60% is the most suitable. If there is no humidifier, you can place a few pots of clean water indoors, put more pots of green plants such as dills and spider plants, or even put a wet towel on the radiator to achieve indoor humidification.

Myth 2: Adding essential oils and perfumes
Some people put substances such as perfume and essential oils into the humidifier, and even put some bactericidal substances such as disinfectants into it. The humidifier atomizes the water in the humidifier and brings it into the air after atomization to increase the air humidity. After the humidifier atomizes these substances, they will be more easily inhaled by the human body, irritating the respiratory tract, and causing discomfort to the body.

Myth 3: Add tap water directly
Chloride ions and other particles in tap water will volatilize into the air with water mist, and inhalation will cause harm to the human body; white powder formed by calcium and magnesium ions in tap water will easily block the pores and reduce the humidification efficiency. The humidifier should use cool boiled water, purified water or distilled water with less impurities. In addition, the humidifier needs to change the water every day and clean it thoroughly once a week to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Standing Humidifier

Myth 4: About Humidification: The longer the better
Many people think that the longer the humidifier is used, the better. In fact, it is not the case. Too humid air can cause pneumonia and other diseases. Do not use the humidifier for too long, usually it can be turned off after a few hours. In addition, the most suitable air humidity for the human body is also the humidity suitable for the growth of bacteria. When using a humidifier, special attention should be paid to opening windows for ventilation at the right time.

Myth 5: It is more comfortable to put it next to the bed
The humidifier should not be too close to people, nor should it blow on people. It is best to place it at a distance of more than 2 meters from the person. Too close will cause the air humidity in the person's location to be too high. The humidifier is best placed at a height of about 1 meter from the ground, which is conducive to the circulation of humid air.

Post time: Jul-31-2023