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Explore the BZT-102S humidifier mode

After our communication with different customers, the BZT-102S 4.5-liter humidifier meets the needs of several of their customer groups:

The first is the material. This PP material greatly alleviates the problems of being broken and scratched during transportation. Due to the influence of El Niño weather in recent years, the temperature difference has changed greatly. The PP material can effectively ignore the impact of this weather, to continue it working normally.

Then there is the mist volume. Our BZT-102S ultrasonic humidifier uses a cold mist technology system. The mist volume of 250ml/h meets the daily needs of the room and will not wet the floor or desktop.

Some customers also add essential oils or disinfectant water (which can be breathed by the human body) for use. Essential oils can be added dropwise into the water tank, but we recommend that you remember to clean it after use to extend its service life. In addition, if you want disinfectant water, you can communicate with us to find out whether the ingredients in the water tank are suitable for your disinfectant water.

4.5L humidifier

During the production process, we strictly control every detail before shipment. Especially functional testing, water density testing, and aging testing. After a comprehensive inspection of each production link, random inspections are conducted before contacting customers to arrange the delivery process.

We welcome customers to come to the factory to see our production process and communicate with us, and we look forward to cooperating with you.

Post time: May-22-2024