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Preparing humidifiers for the winter season

A dry indoor environment will cause headaches, sore throats, sore eyes, skin irritation, and contact lens discomfort, the ideal level of indoor humidity is between 40-60% relative humidity (%RH), a figure endorsed by HEVAC, CIBSE, BSRIA, and BRE. The Health and Safety Executive, in their Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992, oblige employers to maintain a level of relative humidity that prevents discomfort and problems of sore eyes when people work at computer terminals for long periods.

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Unique advantages of molecular hydrogen in health promotion

It has the activity of selectively scavenging harmful substances in the body. It only plays a selective anti-oxidation effect against toxic and harmful free radicals. It can eliminate the "black sheep" in the free radicals and improve the body's ability to resist diseases.

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It has excellent penetrating power so that the focus has no place to hide. Molecular hydrogen can easily pass through various barriers to quickly reach all tissues of the body, quickly cross the cell membrane and enter the cell to play a biological role.
It can be combined with other prevention and control technology and flexible application. Molecular hydrogen can be combined with drug therapy, radiotherapy, and so on, which can reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs and radiation, relieve pain and improve the curative effect. It can also be combined with lowering blood fat and blood sugar to prevent and treat diseases.
Molecular hydrogen products are very safe and easy to use. The safety of molecular hydrogen has been recognized at home and abroad. Many countries have approved the use of molecular hydrogen as a food additive without any side effects. With the advent of a variety of molecular hydrogen health products, it is very convenient to use.

Why BZT-102S ultrasonic humidifier

super humidification

Disinfection atomization mode

Smart humidification mode

sleep mode

water shortage warning

Temperature and humidity digital display + touch screen

large capacity water tank

Stylish and versatile appearance

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