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Square Design Evaporative Humidifier BZT-234

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 Unlike many ultrasonic humidifiers on the market, evaporative humidifiers do not produce visible mist, avoiding the problem of easy condensation and accumulation of water often encountered by ultrasonic humidifiers. The evaporative humidification effect is uniform and will not cause the local humidity to be too high.

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Evaporative humidification technology dramatically reducing the discharge of white residues typically produced by ultrasonic humidifiers. Besides, the filter of this evaporative humidifier can effectively filter out impurities in the water and the filter is washable and replaceable, which can better maintain cleanliness.

Reminder for filter replacement: After 1000 hours of use, the indicator light of the filter will blink red, and after replacement, press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds and hear a beep, and the red indicator light will go out to indicate that the replacement has been completed.

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The Evaporative humidifier humidifies the air using a polymer fiber filter, which can filter out large particulate impurities from the air, including dust and suspended matter. It can filter particles as small as 0.02µm, ensuring that the humidified air is cleaner. The cool moisture humidifier has a simple structure and is easy to clean. 

It utilizes an internal fan operation that humidifies at a higher rate than traditional ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, achieving a rate of 400ml/L. It provides 360° circulation for humidification, resulting in humidification time being shorter and space wider.

Adequate humidity levels are essential for the well-being of plants. Dry indoor air can cause plants to lose moisture rapidly, leading to dry and withered leaves. Large bedroom humidifiers help to maintain optimal humidity levels, promoting healthy plant growth and reducing the risk of plant-related issues such as wilting or leaf dropping.

This evaporative humidifier filters the humidity of the air due to its non-atomizing effect. It is the best choice for families or gifts. Especially dry skin, those who are particularly concerned about cleaning, etc.~

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